Behind The Shadows Lie Madness

by Mithras

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The third album from the UK's Mithras, bludgeoning and powerful yet atmospheric extreme metal


released April 16, 2007

Recording Line-Up:
Oratory / Bass - Rayner Coss
Guitars / Drums / Synths - Leon Macey



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Mithras England, UK

Open your eyes... Awaken your senses... Gaze carefully upon a bleak dimension of blastbeats, savage frequencies and shattering vocal expulsions. Enter the domain of Mithras, one of the UK's most uncompromising and extreme bands to date.

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Track Name: The Journey And The Forsaken
The Great Councillor: Again the gateway opens... and I sense it! Finally I soar, far beyond perceptions and physical senses - I follow in the footsteps of my kindred. I reach the bridge between space and time and the portals to worlds beyond. At last, I step through into the light...

The Enigma: Now we are as one!

The Great Councillor: NO! You cannot have found me now, this cannot be!!! What has happened? What cursed place is this? I resist you! No, cast me not from these heavens!
(Falling) This cannot be, what has befallen me?
Track Name: To Fall From The Heavens
From nightmares of pain
I return
To fathomless dreams
And damnation
Yet no dream is this
For I see
The world we fled
Ruined around me
By mighty hands
Swept away
The works of
To what have I
What fate will
Befall me?

What brought me here
Back to this space
To beyond the stars
I long to return

My people
I hear them no longer
The gates have closed
Our great link is broken
We went forth
To find another world
But I still walk the earth
I am not alone..?

This world fades
Chaos is born
For I am that
Which fell from the heavens
I have come
Forever more
To eat of this world
For I am of the abyss
Track Name: Under The Three Spheres
Across the heavens
An astounding sight I see
A rotating moon
Drawing closer to our world
The distant sun
Shifted in the skies
We must embrace
This cataclysm we've survived

A hole torn in space and time
Now we must survive
Underneath the three spheres

Something heard them cry
And now our world has changed
Underneath the three spheres

I'm fixed upon my path
To search a ruined world
For any who like me
Endured the scourging of mankind
Track Name: Into Black Holes Of Oblivion
I cast my sight towards the past
And remember that which forced our flight
Our doom I saw and knew was near
But my warnings fell on deaf ears
My kin had left though I delayed
To greater planes I meant to follow
But as I made my flight of passage
The chasm opened in my path

Beneath me earth faded away – above
Titanic forces drew me to the abyss
Where time and space converged my memories blend
Yet now I recall what I saw:

From within this void something is looming
A monstrous presence engulfs me
As tentacles probe my mind
I'm scrutinized from the rift
Its power is too great
I feel my light fading
As I'm dragged into fell depths
I scream into the void

How I writhed
As it drew me close
This my end
I would surely die
So I flared
And it threw me far
Through dark skies
Like a star I fell

I awaken - I have returned
I scream to the heavens - Why?
Track Name: When The Light Fades Away
The Traveller: The sun ever leaves, the night always encroaches. What manner of place is this? With these thoughts an oppressing slumber ovetakes me...I yearn for worlds long lost, but not forgotten... I must shun the chilling breeze, and contemplate my fate... the distant cascading waves, voices so familar yet unknown, faces... WAIT! What is this? Against the horizon, movements that should not be raise me from my slumber. What things are these, dwellers of the night? Creatures of shadow!? Beasts with transparent skin? How can these things exist? Such things were never meant to be seen by the eyes of man! They roam the edge of the night. Always in the shadows, drifting, following. These creatures pursue the darkness... These things are coming for ........ ME!

Run, I must run from them, for

Track Name: Behind The Shadows
From spaces measureless to man it came
Fell from chasms out of time
Walls raised between us were unmade
Thence humanity was shamed
Manifesting on the edges of our realm
An Ingress yawning wide
A gateway to beyond
Walls raised between us were unmade
Hence reality was changed

Above the dark
Under the light
Behind the shadows
Lie madness

As I trek across these ruined lands
In the distance are strange sounds
In dark skies there shine unearthly lights
Formless beings haunt the nights

Cast upon the winds -the souls of man
They sing to me - an awful song
They try to flee that which devours them
I feel it nearing - I must journey on
Track Name: Awaken Man And Stone
As I'm pursued across this twilight world
High in a mountainside I discovered
A cavern like no other
Seeking refuge I descend
Closing sounds force me ever deeper
Resonating fear inside my mind
Then I slip and flounder in darkness
Falling I plummet deeper down

I slid into the mountain
I fell far and could not return
Resigned to this fate I crawl
Ahead I see a light

I found myself in ancient halls
Entombed beneath the rock
A civilisation lost
But how can this be?

Who are you from the outer world
Our realm is 'neath the stone
We fled here when the cities fell
To live under the kings

Statues of rock eerie kings of stone
As giants dwarf us all
But we must leave this place
For something terrible will occur

And yet a pedestal cracks
Your king awakes
Alas my coming has doomed you all
Now we must run

He pursues us all
And he will crush us under foot
Flee the rock my comrades
He no longer wishes your devotion
Out of the mountainside
We run in terror
Follow me, this way
In the distance I see a spire
Track Name: The Twisted Tower
We fled the thing of stone
A monster I evoked
Then we ran in terror
Into the tower contorting towards the skies
From high within these walls I see
The golem strides past relentlessly
Far into the distant waves
Then deep beneath the sea

We've escaped for now
But yet I know we must
Traverse the great ocean
To reach the place of dreams

Above us the great hole twists
This tower towards the heavens
And we are also drawn
Ever upwards towards the skies
There are voices within these walls
And something haunts our minds
Bidding us to its peak
But we must resist

We must leave this place
As it leads us to our doom
Do not heed the calling
Or you will be left behind

But a few escape
And to our horror
The hole grabs this obelisk
Taking it into the sky
Track Name: To Where The Sun Never Leaves
On the horizon
An ever setting sun
Behind us lies eternal night
Yet there is a place
Where darkness cannot come
Bound by oceans
Over the edge of the world

Pursued by the encroaching night
We must strive to reach the light

Follow me
For we must go
To where the sun
Never leaves

Follow me
For we must go
To where the sun
Will never leave

Rise up I'll lead you to the light
For soon I'll pass beyond the reach of night

Follow me
For I'll lead you
To where the sun
Never leaves

I'll follow you
You'll never go
To where the sun
Never leaves
Track Name: The Beacon Beckons
The Traveller: This way, we must cross this ocean! We have to traverse these seas.
His Companions: But it waits for us?
The Traveller: It waits for me...and me alone.
His Companions: Yet it went beneath those waves.... waiting!
The Traveller: My friends, we have the encroaching night, or the sea. Your journey is across the waves as is mine. We must find the place the sun never leaves, away from the shadows, the haunted nights.
His Companions: Then now we must depart.
The Traveller: Ah my companions.My fate is sealed. In timelessness you'll know me and we'll be as one. We'll cast off from these cursed lands I hope you'll reach the place the sun never leaves.
Track Name: Thrown Upon The Waves
Gazing across this vast seascape
We'll journey to meet the unknown
To a place beyond imagination
There we will find sanctuary
I hear the call of the waves
Breaking upon the shore
They beckon - to me
To them I'll soon return

Now we must depart
Cast off these cursed lands
For far across the sea
A place the sun never leaves
Foretold me in a dream
Something will bar our way
Although my end is near
I must protect my companions

The darkness grows
Yet the stars are all I see
The sea turns black
Serenity washes over me

From the depths it comes
The voyager from beyond this realm
Who endlessly pursued me
Now our time has come

Ah old friend you have arrived
You've come for me in your true guise
I'll face you as I am and
Leave this shell behind

You'll never reach the rest
My shield of light against your shadow
Come now we'll embrace
As you pull me 'neath the waves

I reach for the surface
Yet I know my fate is sealed
I sacrifice myself to save
Those I leave behind

You'll fall back to the abyss
And I'll rise to planes beyond
Hear my final thoughts
You'll never know the wonders I've seen
Track Name: Into The Unknown
The storm over, the ocean calmed. Far behind, the night rolls across the waves, searching. But ahead, beyond the reach of night, something drifts towards a distant shore - it's fate now sealed. The vessel nears the shores and drifts towards a beach. The sea lays it upon the sand where it comes to rest in the sun.