Time Never Lasts

by Mithras



released September 1, 2011

Recording Line-Up:
Oratory / Bass - Rayner Coss
Guitars / Drums - Leon Macey
Live Session Drums - Ben White



all rights reserved


Mithras England, UK

Open your eyes... Awaken your senses... Gaze carefully upon a bleak dimension of blastbeats, savage frequencies and shattering vocal expulsions. Enter the domain of Mithras, one of the UK's most uncompromising and extreme bands to date.

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Track Name: Time Never Lasts
Time never lasts
It ran down and out
Frozen we never were
Once endless
Now entropic and relative
Ending with no fanfare
In the beginning
Of the end
We tried to find escape
But time
Never Lasts

Our hearts became so cold
But once burned
With cores of fire
Our auras everlasting
If only those moments could last forever

Joined as one
We chose this existence
Now all our works will be lost with time

The attraction fades
We drift apart
You grew so cold
We'll dance no more
Off into the dark
To orbits far from here

When young we played
Between the stars
We never knew
Time was set against us
And when the distant
Began to fade
We'd stayed too long
Our time was gone

Because time never lasts
Track Name: Inside The Godmind
I dreamt of god
He turned his gaze unto me
I stared
His eyes of fire
Into my mind
I was blinded
Was what I saw the mind of god?

I remember what I saw
Mere words could not illuminate
How will my mind contain
Thoughts so alien?
Monstrous visions
Of the vastness of void and time
And bear
The Ululation
Which lies beyond
The final wall

In the spiral
Where all beginnings end
Lurks a horror
A palsy upon the face of god
The uncreation of all times
When all becomes naught
In the minds of the world eater

The shimmering
Track Name: Tomb Of Kings (Live)
I travelled far and wide
On paths trodden
Only by so few
I uncover the doorway
My journey nears its end
I complete the ritual
Which grants me passage unto -

This ancient tomb
Of kings - I open
I break the seal
Of three thousand years
What foul enchantment
Will befall me?
What will I

Leaving the sun behind
Down passages so dark
The torch my only weapon
Against this vault of darkness
Soon I lose my way
Attempt to trace my footsteps
My torch fading fast
As I see a chink of light

My pace quickens
Running towards the distant glow
I stumble on the entrance
The awesome spectacle brings me to my knees

I behold the tomb of kings

On huge pedestals they stand
Mounted, weapons in hand
Once kings of this land
Their statues stand
Monarchs long forgotten
Rising towards the light
Once proud lords
Will rise again......

Terror in the air
Ancient tombs opening
Grotesque figures emerging
Still dressed in regal splendour
Followed by their servants
Entombed when their lord died
Empty eyes look towards the surface
As foretold: They rise again

Solo: Macey
Track Name: Wrath Of God (Live)
Riding forth - For the greater glory of their god
Riding forth - To rage against their infidel
Taking by force - Claiming holy lands as their own
Allachibar - Can no one withstand the power of their god?

Sent by their pope
They rewarded tolerance
With no mercy
To reclaim their
Holy lands
They had to have slaughter
Diplomacy a concept
Lost on these uncivilised barbarians

Solo: Macey

I come forth
An unstoppable wind of the east
Taking under my vast wing
New lands for my governance
Horsemen of the open steppe
No one can withstand
"If you had not been so evil, I would not have come"
For I am the wrath of god

Solo: Macey
Track Name: Beyond The Eyes Of Man (Live)
I embrace great victory!
Ride spread the word
Take to my people the great news
We shall return
To our splendid Capital
We shall return
And bask in the glorious greetings

Bask you shall
Bask you shall
Senseless fools

Hark! Across the horizon - I see it
Our homes - great capital
Come forth and ride
March on and return
Our great victories
Will make us heroes
Our great battles shall make us nobles

What am I?
That follows
That which is

We return
To our homes
Oh great city
We return

I follow
Come my lambs
I call to you
You shall follow

You feast your armies
- I'll take your sons

Lead me to your precious babes
I come for them
And yet you know nothing
Of all that I am
And return with that
Which shall take
All that it desires
All that it desires

Oh! Father
Can you see it... not?
It calls me
Beckons me to follow
I feel a will overpowering me
Save me - I must go
The elders see it not

Oh! Children follow
My will captures your souls
I take you and you shall follow
Watch as they follow
See not that which leads
Those fools they know not of me
But you my children
Shall learn all

To the mountain
To the mountain
Come infant disciples
I shall grow eternally strong
You hear my song
It enchants your souls
You are in my power
I shall take you away