Forever Advancing​.​.​.​.​.​. Legions

by Mithras



The debut album from the UK's Mithras, bludgeoning and powerful yet atmospheric extreme metal


released March 5, 2002

Recording Line-Up:
Oratory / Bass - Rayner Coss
Guitars / Drums / Synths - Leon Macey
Additional lead guitars / Synths - Ben White



all rights reserved


Mithras England, UK

Open your eyes... Awaken your senses... Gaze carefully upon a bleak dimension of blastbeats, savage frequencies and shattering vocal expulsions. Enter the domain of Mithras, one of the UK's most uncompromising and extreme bands to date.

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Track Name: Trample Their Works
Trample their works

Level their church
Bury it deep beneath the ground
Destroy their ways
In time they'll be forgot
String them up
Along the roadways of their land
Make as slaves
Any that survive

Burn their cities
Topple their towers and their spires
Crushing underfoot
Centuries of their works

Scour their lands
Burn the crops and destroy the dwellings
Kill their beasts
Salting the ground as you pass
Pile their corpses
Into vast funeral pyres
The mountains of bone
A monument to their death

Solo: Macey
Solo: White

Bring their leaders
Drag them before the councils

In chains -
Begging for their lives
On display
Pulled along the bustling roadways
Their despair and example
As the last of their kind
Track Name: Sloping Altars
Hear the chant
Across the breeze
Cloth of white
Sons to believe
All of them make their way
To the place of mass
Surround the haven await the time
Chanting the words of power

Read from the book of black
Believers kill to predict
Sacrifice the one
Dark ritual begun

Circle forms within the henge
Stones loom with eerie silence
High priest enters, a king to these
Bring the one forth
Release a call from under robes
I hear the words foreign to me
Here comes the one to be
The teller of a prophecy

Solo: Macey
Solo: White
Solo: Macey

See the dagger straight and true
Only silence never a scream
Under robes so thick they hide
Never to know who did this deed
Blood runs into the altar
To tell of things to come
Sacrifice predicts a tale
A tale of a future king

Solo: Macey
Track Name: Arena Sands
And so the silence shall fall
Enter ‘O warrior of the past
Greet thee with jubilation
Rise hero to this mass
Slayer of mighty beasts
Please this crowd - with butchery

Come forth ‘O demons killer of man
Go forward beasts of blood lust
Take these offerings blessed to you
Prey upon the weakened one
Wretched demons burst from the gate
Feast upon the human man

Solo: Macey
Solo: Macey

Roman god of the arena
Surrounded by your hunters
See eyes glaze with the dreams of death
Their hunger commands they feed
Attack this human for the flesh
Appease thy ravenous beasts

Silence falls on the sea of man
Blood spills from the butchered beasts
Saturate the arena sands
Wounded warrior stands
Rises arm in victory
And the ovation falls
Track Name: Wrath Of God
Riding forth - For the greater glory of their god
Riding forth - To rage against their infidel
Taking by force - Claiming holy lands as their own
Allachibar - Can no one withstand the power of their god?

Sent by their pope
They rewarded tolerance
With no mercy
To reclaim their
Holy lands
They had to have slaughter
Diplomacy a concept
Lost on these uncivilised barbarians

Solo: Macey

I come forth
An unstoppable wind of the east
Taking under my vast wing
New lands for my governance
Horsemen of the open steppe
No one can withstand
"If you had not been so evil, I would not have come"
For I am the wrath of god

Solo: White
Solo: Macey
Track Name: As The Wind Blows
Your will shattered
Like an egg beneath my feet
Your nature to obey
Marked as a follower
You accomplish nothing
Too blind to see the way
You are as sand
As the wind blows

You cling to it
Your faith as your shield
Against the perils
Of this world
But blind you cannot see
Hidden by this guise of faith
An ultimately superior

Solo: Macey

My will - crushes your will
Our will - sends
Tidal waves of fear
Throughout your mundane empire
Unseen we reign supreme
We stand ignored with sight
In your kingdom of the blind

A breed of men apart
We are the ones who shape our lives
We tread our way
Along these paths seldom trodden.

Dual Solo: Macey/White (l-r)

Outro Solo: Macey
Track Name: Vae Solis
The fire in the sky
He who gives us light
The sun - our lord
Giver of all life
His coming has been the herald
The dawn of a new cycle
For as long as it has been remembered
It has been this way

He is life eternal
The focus of our worship
We dared not look upon him
Until this fateful day

Solo: Macey

His flames diminish!
Shadows begin to fall
At the apex of his journey
This cannot be so!
In terror I look into his heavens
I need not shield my eyes
Dust rising from afar
Is swallowing our lord

Solo: Macey
Solo: Macey

The ground trembles
In the distance thunders roar
His powers blast the lands
Fierce winds whip up the sands
How have we displeased him?
Not in lack of dedication
We cower as the skies darken
Our lord is nowhere to be seen

Solo: White

He did not return
Deserting us in twilight
Without his solar powers
Our crops withered and died
Terrible winter froze the sand
Killing the sick old and young
Our faith is all that binds us to
These lands our lord has left us to
Track Name: Dreaming In Splendour
I see a world
Structured from my soul
Palaces from my dreams
My spirit can embrace
You attack my body
Making me ever strong
I shall stand tall
I am everlasting

Souls rise to the eternal sea
The weak crumble away
Strong becoming ever stronger
A force beyond the mortal
Hear the souls call
Lifting me from within
Embraced I rise
A god in my death

Reaching the invisible mass
It engulfs me with sanctity
I am caught with the others
The ones who dream in splendour
My beacon burns so bright
Becoming brighter still
My call cries over all
I have risen beyond the physical

Solo: Macey

I rise
I soar
I am everlasting

Solo: Macey

Call out to me
As I soar above
Beyond the power of sight
I exist in a world of dreams
Physical state gone from my memory
I rise forever more
Immortality beckons
I exist eternally

Solo: White
Track Name: Tomb Of Kings
I travelled far and wide
On paths trodden
Only by so few
I uncover the doorway
My journey nears its end
I complete the ritual
Which grants me passage unto -

This ancient tomb
Of kings - I open
I break the seal
Of three thousand years
What foul enchantment
Will befall me?
What will I

Leaving the sun behind
Down passages so dark
The torch my only weapon
Against this vault of darkness
Soon I lose my way
Attempt to trace my footsteps
My torch fading fast
As I see a chink of light

My pace quickens
Running towards the distant glow
I stumble on the entrance
The awesome spectacle brings me to my knees

I behold the tomb of kings

On huge pedestals they stand
Mounted, weapons in hand
Once kings of this land
Their statues stand
Monarchs long forgotten
Rising towards the light
Once proud lords
Will rise again......

Terror in the air
Ancient tombs opening
Grotesque figures emerging
Still dressed in regal splendour
Followed by their servants
Entombed when their lord died
Empty eyes look towards the surface
As foretold: They rise again

Solo: Macey