From the 'On Strange Loops - The Hi-Res Full Dynamic Range Edition' album. This track has been mastered to give the most dynamic range and is presented in 44kHz/24bit audio to give a different listening experience.


Nearing the beginning of an end
Was just the end of our beginning
Born on strange loops
We burst into life and decay into death
Dreaming on alternate planes of existence
We aim to trace the steps to paradise
Back to that time, that moment, that place
Where it all began and all were one
We must leave this realm
So barren, so lonely
Abandoned by the creator of worlds

We watched the stars die out
Knowing one day they’ll sing again
When all matter draws to matter
Crushing to a fiery dawn
Set on an endless loop
Our domain became our cage
Let’s strike out far for vistas new
And places only dreamed of

So come with me into the outer dark
We’ll pass the last redoubt
To where the cold closes in
And all the lights go out
There time stands still..
We’ll leap beyond the curve of space
For another time, another place
To rejoin the pantheon alongside our ancestors
And wonder
Why did we live?


from On Strange Loops - The Hi​-​Res Full Dynamic Range Edition, released December 25, 2016
Music, lyrics and arrangement: Macey



all rights reserved


Mithras England, UK

Open your eyes... Awaken your senses... Gaze carefully upon a bleak dimension of blastbeats, savage frequencies and shattering vocal expulsions. Enter the domain of Mithras, one of the UK's most uncompromising and extreme bands to date.

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